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Easily copy pictures/videos from dig cameras to your computer, organize, and share them
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23 December 2006

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Any collection if kept appropriately organized and sorted is immensely easy to access and looks good too. Many of us have diverse set of collections of comics, music CDs, coins, stamps and even photographs that we cherish and are extremely possessive about. Keeping stuff organized and arranged facilitates easy access and also makes it simple to add new items to the list. However, most of the times our collections are distorted and untidy and we ourselves do not track them; especially in case of comics and books that we maintain edition wise, that could be sorted chronologically. Rising number of computer applications and software have facilitated automation of several procedures including imagery management and Photozig Albums Premium is one of the several applications that help in managing digital pictures.

Photozig Albums Premium opens with a neatly organized interface with the main options placed at the top stylishly and main screen displaying tools and tabs for keeping the images and arranging them in slideshows and galleries. The application is capable of copying pictures from a digital camera to the computer system and also facilitates in organizing and sharing the images with family and friends with the help of high quality web-galleries. These images can also be used to create screensavers and slideshows, besides being a part of private albums. Advanced features like video support and cropping and filtering noise from the images and adjusting the lighting and rotating and renaming as well. The application comes with a backup support too and also includes sharing pictures with family and friends via a web invitation.

To conclude, Photozig Albums Premium certainly helps in effectually sorting digital images and photos and arranging them in galleries and gets a rating score of four points for its impressive performance and utility.

Publisher's description

Photozig Albums Premium is professional digital imaging software for managing your digital photos.
Copy pictures from your digital camera to your computer, organize and share them with your family and friends in high-resolution web-galleries. You can create your own screensavers, slideshows, and publish photos to your own web page or blog. Your photos will be safe with advanced backup support and the option for private albums.
Advanced Features:
Video support is included, as is advanced filtering/sorting, integrated backup and advanced printing capabilities. Post private photo album galleries on the web (invitation only).
Enjoy the ease of use of Photozig Albums with the professional features you need: crop/edit, adjust lighting, rotate and rename – or just let "Quick Fix" do the work for you to produce a great photo. Make a mistake? Photozig Albums always preserves the original.
Photozig Albums Premium includes integrated backup support. All major storage formats are supported: CD-R, hard drives (internal or external), ZIP disks, and USB Flash drives.
E-mail pictures to your friends and family. Post private photo album galleries on the web (invitation only).
+ Organizes your digital pictures, short videos, and songs.
+ Integrated video support
+ All edits are completely reversible -- your original photos are preserved automatically - always!
+ Selectable interface for advanced users - use the tools relevant to your work.
+ Full Backup Functionality - Albums Premium will maintain a record of which photos have been backed up, and where they are located.
+ Print multiple pictures on a single sheet - choose the size of the photos and Photozig Albums will maximize paper usage.
+ Present your photos as personalized slideshows or screensavers.
+ Allows you more time to enjoy and share special moments with your family and friends.
Photozig Albums Premium
Photozig Albums Premium
Version 1.0
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